FL mobile Updates für iOS & Android

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    Seit drei Tagen stehen die Updates in den jeweiligen Portalen kostenlos für Nutzer zur Verfügung.

    Hervorheben möchte ich bei der iOS Variante, dass Audiocopy und das Midisyncen der Transportbuttons endlich hinzugefügt wurde..

    FL Studio Mobile Android 1.2

    HD graphics for 1080p and 720p devices (removes side bars)
    Sequencer timing accuracy significantly improved
    Fixes various expansion file download and mounting errors
    Fixes wrong sample mapping after zip instrument import
    Minor other bug fixes and performance improvements

    FL Studio Mobile 2.2 iOS

    New features:
    MIDI start/stop slave and master
    Input gain slider in the recording window (visible with external mic connected)
    AudioCopy 2.0 support (iOS 7 compatible)
    WAV export option to write 1 file per track

    Performance & speed:

    Major performance improvements (play more tracks without audio dropouts)
    Audio file editing is up to 5x faster
    Reverb quality and performance improved

    Other improvements:

    Audio recordings are placed more accurately
    Setup latency options removed, it's now always at minimum
    Filenames can now contain non-latin characters
    Inbox folder is no longer present, files are moved to the top level folder
    .flml (drum loop) files can be opened from other apps like Mail or Safari
    Overall stability greatly improved

    FL Studio Mobile 1.2 for Android vs FL Studio Mobile 2.2 for iOS

    The feature-set of the Android and iOS versions will be harmonized in future updates, including the addition of the following features to the Android version:

    Audio tracks and wave editor
    Background audio (playback while the app runs in the background)
    SoundCloud upload
    In-app shop

    While projects, .flm format, are compatible between Android and iOS, if audio tracks are present they are ignored. If instruments are not avaiable the MIDI data is loaded and the a default instrument is used.